Thursday, October 05, 2006

Etheridge Farmstead . . . Manteo, NC

The September meeting of the Outer Banks Fiber Guild was held at the Etheridge Farmstead in Manteo. The farmstead is a historical site on Roanoke Island preserving a small farm on Roanoke Island, dotted with a main farmhouse and various outbuilding, including an outhouse. The farm also features a flock of 6 sheep, owned by OBFG member (weaver) Beth Burns.

The workshop for this month was pinestraw basketry, taught by local artist/instructor Mary Barker. Mary brought some of ther finished work . . fantastic examples of the art of pinestraw basketry. Working with pinestraw in her art for 10 years, Mary was an excellent instructor and was very patient in teaching the folks this craft, which is much more difficult than it appears. Fun was had by all, and learned the art and appreciation for this traditional southern art. THANKS, Mary. And, to top it off, Mary joined the OBFG!

Luke Murden made his way from Virginia Beach to see what the guild is all about, and joined by the end of the business meeting. You couldn't tell that he was new to the group . . . he fit right in, and was accepted by everyone like a long lost relative . . LOL.

It's dues time again. Annual dues for regular members is only $20 per year. A provision was made last year for a new classification, Associate Member, for only $10 per year. Associate Members are those that live outside the area of the Outer Banks (we have several out of state members) who cannot regularly take part in the OBFG activities. What a great bargain for everyone.

Sybil Ross, President of the OBFG, and owner of the LYS Fine Yarns at Kimbeeba, located in the Phoenix Shops downtown Manteo, NC, offers a 15% discount on all purchases for OBFG members. Doug Brannon, maker of fine handcrafted knitting needles, Outer Banks Needles, also gives a 15% discount to guild members. So, it won't take long before the cost of the dues is really a wash, with the savings on fiber arts supplies.

Look for more news and notices of upcoming events. 2006-2007 is going to be a busy and exciting year for the OBFG.


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